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You've already heard from me, but I wanted to pass the mic to my clients.


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"Giselle is a great reader. Her reading was really insightful. She's really thoughtful and empowering in her delivery and helps to guide you on the path that has been laid out for you. I was full of energy and motivation, ready to plan out my goals after my reading with her. Such positive vibes!!"


~ Jess R.

"Having a reading with Giselle was such a gentle and positive experience. From the moment the session started, I felt so held and safe. Giselle is a beautiful and attentive listener, and really took the time to go through the process with such care. I left with so much clarity and insight. I will definitely be booking more sessions in the future. Thank you Giselle!"


~ Georgia F.

"I was strongly recommended to have a reading with Giselle by a lady I met who told me that the readings are really reassuring. Giselle didn't disappoint. The reading was wonderful because she has such a calming and understanding presence. The reading told me everything I needed to hear at the time and benefited me heaps in the months that followed."


~ Dina G.

"Giselle reads Tarot in a truly unique and beautiful way. Not only did I feel supported in understanding the cards but the connection to what I have been through and where I felt aligned to go was so accurate. It left me feeling supported, connected to the divine and guided to make the right choices. Having the reading on WhatsApp meant that I can refer back to it whenever I want to and it was a really lovely way to receive distance healing. I could feel Giselle's presence in picking the right cards for me and my energy. She is magical and majestic, I cannot wait to work with her again."


~ Steff P.

"After having experienced Giselle’s mindful, focused and supportive meditations in group spaces, I jumped at the chance for some one-on-one time with an intentions setting reading for 2020. Giselle was gentle in her approach, settling us into the discussion, and holding space to allow me to examine where my head was and what I needed from the session. Her card reading is so insightful, and knowledgable, and I came away with some clear purpose, a feeling of support and a path opening up before me, that was reinforced by the thoughtful and healing takeaway rituals that were delivered to me soon after our chat. I’d highly recommend Giselle, without a moment’s hesitation."


~ Nina D.

"Giselle is such an accurate and compassionate reader. The advice she gives in tandem with the card reading is so helpful and reassuring. I left feeling hopeful and back on track-I've already recommended her to all of my friends!" 


~ Lauren E.

"I absolutely loved my reading with Giselle on WhatsApp, it was perfect to have an open conversation about the cards she pulled for me and we discussed themes past, present and future and each card she pulled felt so applicable for me. It felt like having a conversation with a friend as through WhatsApp it felt intimate and relaxed but each card description was detailed and I could ask questions if i wanted to and she gave me time to share how I felt about each card. At the end of the session Giselle shared some tips on a release ritual and letting go ritual that I could take away and practice on my own which was a great takeaway. Giselle has a beautifully soft energy and I had a lovely reading, thank you so much and I will be back." 


~ Clare H.

“I can’t explain how accurate my tarot readings with Giselle are. I feel like they speak to exactly what has been going on and give me a totally new perspective on why something might have happened. I always end up with a completely fresh approach on how I was holding on to the painful parts and I always leave so much lighter.”

~ Becky S.

“Giselle is the most talented practitioner I have ever met. Her presence is nothing short of magical and she instantly puts you at ease. Her guidance is so accurate and her advice the nudge you need to move in the right direction. She explains everything she reads, and how it relates to your situation so easily. She creates such a safe space where you can feel negativity just dissolve and disappear.”

~ Charlotte D.

“Having a session with Giselle is an empowering and eye-opening experience. She has incredible knowledge and insight. And the time she takes with you, explaining everything and putting the cards into the context of your life is amazing. She offers a sense of assuredness and calm.”

~ Claire M.


“From all the psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, medical drugs, alcohol and empty sex that I have ever tried to cure my body, mind and skin with, Giselle was the only one who awakened me into my inner mystic and woman. After the beautiful three month journey, it was like breathing fresh air for the first time, after all the smoke and mirrors of the fuckboys. 


Giselle’s compassionate, caring and heartwarming guidance from her teachings is so unique and deep. Never in a billion lifetimes until now, did I learn to understand how connecting internally through spirituality, can you find all the answers inside of you, thanks to Giselle. Her sessions alongside the breathtaking audios, assignments and prescription have now become my sacred ritual. I now know that in my darkest moments, there’s always light and to learn from the darkness for an even brighter future. For the first time in over a decade, I have finally found peace and I am eternally grateful for Giselle’s phenomenal gifts in healing and guidance.” 

~ Electra. H. 

“For years my skin was my enemy, and in my mind it was part of what I was judged and valued on. However, since working with Giselle a massive shift has occurred. Instead of focusing on the blemishes that I cannot control, my attention is instead on the wonder of our skin. My skin is now one of the ways I show myself love and my daily skin routine is one of my favourite parts of the day. I now aim to look after it, nourish it and protect it. The insecurity, anxiety and stress has begun to melt away. Ironically, it was once Giselle helped me to get to this internal shift, an external one happened — my skin hasn’t been this radiant in years.”

~ Kirsten W. 

“My session with Giselle was such a refreshing experience! I came with an open mind and she guided me through gently. I was especially surprised by the after effects of Reiki and how it helped me. Giselle is the healing hand you didn't know your wellness routine needed.”

~ Indie F. 

“Giselle’s very presence creates a deep and magical sense of awe and wonder as she works with you. I’ve had other spiritual sessions before but can honestly say that nothing compares to the complete immersion of body and soul that you will experience with Giselle. Her powerful intuition and grace works to help you access gentle waves of transformation and to dive deep into compassionate healing. She brings heaven to earth and the added bonus came with the further gift of the self-care prescription which I have so enjoyed working on since. All simply magical, wonder-filled and rich experiences.” 

~ Tina S. 

“My sessions with Giselle were such a turning point in my skin healing journey. My relationship with my appearance has always been somewhat problematic and at times quite dysfunctional. Through both the skin meditation and tarot readings I was able to see so clearly how I have been using my skin’s condition as a way of holding back and staying safe. After the immersion I received a super in-depth guide to continuing working through the blocks which I’d uncovered and this has already been so transformational in my journey. I would whole-heartedly recommend as a crucial step to fixing both skin conditions and self-confidence issues.”

~ Rebecca W.

“Booking in for a healing session with Giselle is one of the ultimate ways to do self-care on another level. The entire experience was soothing, informative and enlightening, and Giselle's calming and graceful energy made me feel instantly at ease.”

~ Ava K.

"I had the most amazing experience with Giselle. I had never done anything like this before and had been so alienated and intimidated by meditation in the past but the whole thing was so gentle, so affirming and so comforting - it was natural and electrifying all at once. I found the session very confronting and emotional at points, and Giselle gave me wonderfully helpful tools to continue to explore these themes at home. I will definitely be back and I am forever grateful for Giselle’s time, effort and insight. One of the best things I’ve done for myself for sure!"

~ Jess A. 

"My session with Giselle was brilliant! I was very new to energy healing and even meditation. I was a little nervous but Giselle immediately put me at ease - she has a lovely, calm and friendly demeanour. The treatment itself felt so grounding and calming, and Giselle helped me explore why I'd been feeling so frazzled lately. The debrief after was also very helpful to understand the sensations I'd felt throughout and she gave me lots of tips on how to help balance my chakras, and had lots of interesting insight. I'd recommend booking in to anyone who is feeling run down, achey or tired."

~ Daniela M.

“I had my first ever healing session with Giselle and it was actually indescribable! I’ve never done anything like that before, but went in with an open mind and I was not disappointed. The energy she picked up from me was so accurate, I was pretty taken aback. Not only that, she made me feel so comfortable and I felt totally at ease throughout the entire session. Couldn’t recommend her more.”

~ Sarah P. 

"I was so grateful for my distance healing sessions with Giselle. I immediately felt the sensation of warm hands cradling my head and felt pulses of energy coursing through my body. It always feels as though there are many other hands being placed on every part of my painful body. I felt magnetic pulls on my feet and I was aware of a feeling of calm overcoming me. One of the sessions really surprised me as that same day my Fibromyalgia was particularly crippling and Reiki really helped with the pain. 

~ Eleanor S.

"During my Reiki session with Giselle, I could feel a strong flow of energy entering my head and throughout my body. Everywhere tingled with joy and I was in a deep state of relaxation, I felt really light and fresh after the session. Giselle is really passionate about healing and she is also knowledgable in many areas of well-being.” 

~ Natcha K.