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three month healing journeys rooted in spirituality, mysticism, wellness and self-care.


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I'm Giselle La Pompe-Moore, a modern mystic, spiritual wellbeing guide, reiki master and meditation teacher - but most of all, a space holder; working in-person with womxn in London and digitally across the world. 

I guide womxn to Find Their Inner Mystic; unlocking the inner knowing required to navigate life's complexities.

Project Ajna is focused on modernising ancient wisdom through a grounded approach to mysticism, wellness, spirituality and self-care. 

The one-to-one immersions, custom rituals and online offerings are designed to take you deeper into yourself, so you're unapologetic about reclaiming your power and prioritising your well-being.


The Foundation: Ājñā comes from the Sanskrit name for the third eye chakra, which focuses on intuition, inner knowing and your higher self. 


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