Rediscovery Code

August 8, 2018



The Reiki Principles were taught by the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. He used these principles as a guide for anyone practicing Reiki to use as a foundation for self-healing. I've found these principles to be such a beautiful and succinct way to approach to life after navigating my way through a wealth of self-help and spiritual tools. I always go back to this. 


Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry 

Be grateful 

Work with diligence

Be kind to others

Energy healing is an important part of the Rediscovery: Skin  sessions and including these principles within that is key to healing our relationship with our skin. When I started to work on defining Intuitive Beauty, these principles were a great place to begin the journey. They turned into the Rediscovery Code, which underpins the work that we do in session and in the self-preservation rituals that you'll be taking with you into your daily life. 


The Rediscovery Code


Acknowledging and accepting your skin today, in this very moment. Not falling into the trap of living in the future or what you'll do "when" your body changes or skin improves, all the things that you don't feel worthy of doing now. Just focus on today. 

Spectrum of Emotions

 Looking at your skin and body in the mirror can be a trigger and bring up so much raw emotion. You're human, it's totally fine to feel angry, worried, disappointed or unlovable. There's no need to deny or control those thoughts, you just have to monitor your reactions to these emotions. Witness them, feel into it, shift then let go.


There's nothing more powerful than switching negative self-talk and rediscovering the relationship you have with yourself than gratitude. It's fundamental in this work. Think about the miracle that is your body, think about how hard your skin works to repair and regenerate itself. You deserve a thank you.


Work on yourself with diligence, it's an ongoing process, there's no finish line or end point. Healing is a daily work. Keep up the rituals, keep looking inwards and keep giving yourself the permission to heal your relationship with yourself. Be unapologetic about loving yourself. 

You need to be your own best friend. When you end up in negative self-talk, always ask yourself if you'd say the same thing to your best friend. You wouldn't, so don't do it to yourself. We can be so deeply unkind to ourselves and a little kindness on a daily basis goes such a long way. 





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