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August 17, 2018



Intuition is at the very core of Project Ajna as Ajna is the sanskrit name for the third-eye chakra. This chakra is all about intuition, insight and perception and tuning in to your inner knowing. That's what this work is all about, as all healing is self-healing. 


There are a few intuitive methods around, including intuitive eating which in a very simplified form is about honouring your hunger and listening to your body. If you follow that same principle for beauty, you'd be paying attention to your skin, noticing any changes and intuitively picking your skincare products. So you wouldn't automatically sign up for a 10 step routine if you can tell that your skin is desperate for simplicity. You wouldn't throw on the AHAs despite knowing that your skin is already suffering from inflammation. 


My approach to Intuitive Beauty goes deeper than this, it has external elements to it but it's really all about the internal work that's oh so necessary for shifting your relationship with your skin and body. There are three steps to the process, which take place in the Rediscovery: Skin sessions, which work hand in hand to balance your four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). 




Energy Healing


I've examined these elements in greater detail, so click through on the above links to head to those posts, but they offer a holistic approach to starting the lifelong process of self-love and acceptance. It's not a journey towards a final end goal, as self-love and body positivity is something that we have to work on every single day. 


We've been living in this skin, in these bodies for years now and we've all been unkind to ourselves at some point. Moving on from that takes work, deep work but looking within to do that is a beautiful way to start. 

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