grounding + the root chakra


Feeling a bit out of sorts? Unbalanced, feeling a lack of security and stability in your life? 


This is usually the case when our root chakra is out of balance and we start to think about scarcity, how our career and money supports us and question our place in the world. Pretty much all of our basic needs in the here in the physical realm as this chakra speaks to our sense of belonging and stability.


During this grounding meditation, you’ll be guided to balance your root chakra so you can feel rooted in your surroundings and gain a deeper sense of balance and security. Perfect for plugging in when you're headed to the park or your favourite place in nature, or when your feeling a little low and disconnected. 


All meditations are the intellectual property and copyright of Giselle La Pompe-Moore, certified meditation teacher (DipBSoM)

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