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The Find Your Inner Mystic series of online monthly group workshops takes a down-to-earth approach to spirituality with a blend of ritual, teachings and super practical takeaways.

Every month, we meet online from all parts of the world, for a laidback hang-out on Zoom. The theme changes per month but expect anything from letting go practices and chill out meditations to manifesting rituals and group shares. With plenty of heart and laughs. 

Whether you're brand new to all of this or call yourself a modern mystic, everyone is welcome in this safe space. If you've been sitting on any questions about spirituality, self-care or anything mystical–bring them along, as there's an Ask Me Anything at the end of each class.

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19TH OCTOBER  |  7PM - 8:30PM (UK TIME) | ZOOM

Joy: The Missing Ingredient

For A Damn Good Life

You can clutch your crystals, meditate for 3 hours, write your manifesting lists and repeat affirmations all day long, but without joy, you ain’t gonna get anywhere. 


You’ve been doing “the work” and looking for the secret to calling in a life of purpose, bliss and all the things you want, but why does it still feel like you’re still waiting for it to all fall into place? Sure, spirituality is serious stuff sometimes but you need a good old helping of joy to get you closer to all the things you want. Honestly, it just doesn’t need to be that deep all the time. 


Everything comes back to joy, it’s the accessible starting point for happiness, feeling alive, setting intentions and getting closer to your desires. It’s how we create a damn good life for ourselves.


In the final workshop of the year, we’ll be wrapping things up by bringing joy back. Let’s face it, it’s much-needed right now and it’s vital for shifting up the energy as we move forward.


We can’t wait for the world to change, to change our inner world, so that’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on this month. 


If you’re ready for an energy boost, getting your inner vibes right and feeling lit up, then join me over on Zoom. We’ll be doing an insanely powerful honey jar spell and ritual that I swear by for welcoming in all the good stuff.


We’ll be getting to know your inner child and why it’s so important for navigating everything from money blocks, relationship stuff and deeper healing, we’ll then get you connected to what you want your future to hold and how we can get you there. Let's do this!