soul notes

Featuring the real talk interviews I have with my spirit guides, as well as the rituals, exercises and prompts to support your self-care and wellbeing routine. 

my intention...

... is to create a space to share the intimate daily chat I have with my spirit guides, showing you that we all have the ability to connect to spirit and its endless wisdom. 


Spirit guides are basically our Spiritual Ride or Dies residing in a different plane. They're here to help you to live in alignment with your soul and guide you back into your purpose. They want to connect to you and we can all do that, so I want to inspire and empower you to do the same, plus they drop some profound truths that everyone should hear.

It's also my intention to share some rituals to nourish your soul, ones that have served me so well and ones that can slot into your day and fill your cup back up. 

Thank you so much for being here, head below to dive into the content. 

Giselle xx


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