August 16, 2018



The turning point in my life began with rituals, that's when I witnessed the major differences in my life and spiritual journey. I define rituals as the acts of self-preservation/care that we use for ourselves. Whether they're a set of practices we use in an ordered way, an elaborate ceremony or a quick 5 minute practice, it all counts. The only non-negotiable for me when using rituals, is to make it special, to mark that time as sacred. 


Rituals are the first step in the Intuitive Beauty process and open both of the Rediscovery sessions. The ritual adds another spiritual and mystical touch to this work and honours nature and the elements also. It's so important that we treat our skin as a sacred space, we need to give ourselves the permission to take the time out to use the tools we need to make this happen. In the session I give your skin the opportunity to speak, to open up about any triggers and what it needs to heal and repair the relationship you have with yourself. We will then work together on setting an intention for the rest of the session and going forward. 


I will then hold space for you and create a bespoke ritual using tools that I feel intuitively called to use that also feel comfortable for you. For some clients I might use the soulful wisdom of some of the cards in the tarot, for others this can be incorporating skin rituals around the moon cycle or choosing essential oils to support your journey. This is a beautiful way to start the session and all of the tools will relate to healing the relationship you have with your skin and tailored to your personal intention. These are some of the healing modalities that I have in my Rediscovery toolkit: 








Moon Cycle




Essential Oils


I strongly believe that all healing is self-healing and I am here to facilitate in your healing by giving you the tools, time and space to achieve that and I am wholly dedicated and connected to you during our work together. But, for the life-changing, soul-nourishing shifts to happen you have to allow yourself to make it a daily, lifelong practice. During the ritual, we will work on a set of self-preservation rituals that you will then take out of the session and into your everyday life, that work with your schedule and lifestyle to make them achievable. This is only the beginning. 


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