the sessions

One-to-one sessions offering you support through life experiences and changes and helping you to go within to connect to the in-your-worth, powerfully intuitive and fiercely solid version of yourself — your inner mystic. 


Take a scroll through the Mystic’s Code if you haven’t already, to see how you’ll feel after our work together, then head to my testimonials to see what my clients have to say.


tarot reading



the hang out

mini retreat



some of the things clients have come to me for

 soul stuff 

navigating hard break-ups + divorces

not sure how to connect to spirit + intuition

releasing blocks and negative beliefs

feeling stressed and overwhelmed

struggling to work through life changes

 skin stuff 

skin condition's impact on your self-esteem 

negative self-talk around the way you look 

waiting for your appearance to change

comparing the way you look to people online

struggling to accept your appearance


One-to-one tarot reading to help you grow through whatever you’re going through and get to the root of what’s happening in your life right now, so can you start moving towards your most powerful, magic-filled, and aligned future.


tarot reading


 what goes down 


If you…

want to know WTF to do about your career 

have some relationship stuff to figure out
feel a bit stuck and don’t know how to move forward

find yourself freaking out about your future

want to know what’s blocking your goals from becoming a reality

Then grab your phone to meet me for your one-to-one session where we’ll do a tarot reading either on WhatsApp or via phone call so you can get some clarity and seriously up-level your life. We'll chat through where you're at, I'll connect to your energy and the cards and then I'll do a spread based on this - you'll receive a photo of the cards so you can see them while we chat. 


Just a heads up: You won’t find any dooms day predictions or fortune-telling here, but instead we’ll be using tarot in a therapeutic way to check in with what’s happening under the surface and for some juicy self-inquiry. You’ll leave armed with some intuitive guidance and I’ll be here to make you feel heard, held and deeply supported throughout.


You’ll end the session feeling tuned in to your inner mystic and get a head-start on how to navigate literally anything and everything that life throws at you going forward.

 what's the difference between WhatsApp and a phone call? 


Choose a phone call if you prefer speaking to people and hearing information in more of a "real-life" way. You can record the call using an app if you like. 


Choose WhatsApp if you respond better to written info and prefer texting. We'll do the reading via written texts, photos and voice notes - so you can keep it for reference.

"Giselle reads Tarot in a truly unique and beautiful way. Not only did I feel supported in understanding the cards but the connection to what I have been through and where I felt aligned to go was so accurate. It left me feeling supported, connected to the divine and guided to make the right choices. Having the reading on WhatsApp meant that I can refer back to it whenever I want to and it was a really lovely way to receive distance healing. I could feel Giselle's presence in picking the right cards for me and my energy. She is magical and majestic, I cannot wait to work with her again."


~ Steff P.


the hang out

A mini retreat for your inner self, where you’ll have a 3 hour all access pass to my expertise and guidance as well as the teachings and tools in my witch kit…Just consider me your mystic big sister. 

 what goes down 


The Hang Out is a space for you to share what's going on in your world

for us to work together and have a chat about it 

and for me to mix and match the rituals, teachings and modalities to best support you


This session held via Zoom (with the option to do half of the session in-person when life returns to normality) will give you a foundation for creating your own spiritual and mystical practices, so you can Find Your Inner Mystic — as trust me, when you’re connected and tuned in to that energy, the game changes. 


Regardless of what you’re working through at the moment, whether you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, want to learn more about spirituality, feel ready to up-level or just want someone to talk things out with, you'll leave armed with all the wisdom you need and the practical steps to take.

This is your session and the way it plays out depends on your individual area of focus.


It might be tarot readings and intuitive guidance from spirit to help you move through what’s keeping you stuck, or learning how to actually manifest once and for all. Perhaps it's seeing what’s going down in your energy field with distance reiki or working through limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you small.


We'll spend this time getting you to where you want to be. 

 what's included:-  

Pre-session questionnaire

3 hour digital session *you can opt to split the session in 2, with one in-person.

Daily Activation 

Follow up on WhatsApp 

"From all the psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, medical drugs, alcohol and empty sex that I have ever tried to cure my body, mind and skin with, Giselle was the only one who awakened me into my inner mystic and woman. Never in a billion lifetimes until now, did I learn to understand how connecting internally through spirituality, can you find all the answers inside of you...I have finally found peace and I am eternally grateful for Giselle’s phenomenal gifts in healing and guidance for doing that.

~ Electra H. 


 the curriculum 

In The Hang Out this is HOW we’ll get you to Find Your Inner Mystic

 feminine alchemy 
Busting through limiting beliefs + fears | Practicing self-acceptance


 soul connection 

Connecting to spirit guides | Tuning in to your intuition  


 elemental supports

Creating spells + rituals | Curating your own spiritual practice


 cyclical living

Living with the seasons + moon | Using astrology for self-inquiry


 divine co-creation 

Manifesting your desires | Stepping into your personal power


 take healing to the next level