the high priestess visualisation


We're all intuitive, we really are. But if you've been struggling to work out what your purpose is or feeling unmotivated, it's just a sign that you need to reconnect to yours. 


Connecting to your intuition is key in Finding Your Inner Mystic. We’re all intuitive, we just have to keep working on it and opening ourselves up to it. But sometimes it can be hard knowing where to start. 


This meditation uses The High Priestess tarot card to help you get in touch with yours, so you can tune in and receive guidance, wisdom and get to know and trust your intuition. Ideal for a mystical night-in and adding some witchy vibes to your sunday self-care routine. 


All meditations are the intellectual property and copyright of Giselle La Pompe-Moore, certified meditation teacher (DipBSoM)

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X 1 22:15 min MP3

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