r e d i s c o v e r y : s o u l meditation journey


Can't choose between all of the rediscovery: soul meditations and also looking for more support?


This meditation journey includes all four of the rediscovery: soul meditations designed to guide you back to using your intuition and inner knowing and assist you in being unapologetic about the time you need to rest, re-centre and recover. In this journey, you'll work through the meditations in order at first, and go through journal prompts and healing exercises to take these meditations even deeper.


When you've completed the journey once, you can then dive into each of the meditations whenever and wherever you need them. As you would if you had bought them seperately. 


What's Included: 

rediscovery: soul meditation guide 
- 5 page PDF with journal prompts, healing exercises and tips 


rediscovery: soul meditation audios 

- breathing meditation
- body scan meditation

- the high priestess meditation
- grounding through the root chakra meditation


All meditations are the intellectual property and copyright of Giselle La Pompe-Moore, certified meditation teacher (DipBSoM)

Music Credit:


You will receive a download link in your confirmation e-mail.

Please note that as it's a ZIP File you will only be able to download via a laptop or computer (you can then send to your phone via email/Dropbox/Google Drive etc) if you want to listen to the audios or read the guide on your mobile phone. 


ZIP Includes: 

x4 MP3 Files

x1 PDF File

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