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digital sessions

I don't live in the UK, can we still work together? 
Absolutely! I work with clients in the US and beyond and we hold our sessions digitally. If you are based in NYC or Los Angeles and want to work with me, drop me a note as I'm often there.

What about time difference?

In our complimentary call, we'll discuss what your schedule looks like and what times/dates are most preferable for you and see how we can work together in regards to time zones.

How do I prepare for our digital sessions? 

In your roadmap once you've booked in, I'll give you a plan for how your digital sessions will work. I'll let you know if you'll need anything and what to expect. This will also include all of the techy details and links for you to access the session.

How do we meet online?
I alternate between Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. So there'll always be an option for whichever tech situation works best for you.

Is it possible to still create sacred space in the same way?
All of my sessions include some element of ritual and mysticism to mark the space as sacred, I will create a protected container for our work in the same way that I do in person. I will also give you some tips on how to create sacred space for our session if you should choose to do so, in the email plan I'll send you. As long as you're in a private space where you won't be disturbed for 90 minutes, you're all set. 

Many of my digital clients light candles, diffuse essential oils, place crystals around their space and make a mini altar. 


If there's meditation included in our digital sessions how will it work?

Meditation is a wonderful modality to share virtually and it's weaved in to my immersions. If you've booked in for the rediscovery: skin immersion, we'll do some skin focused meditations together and for some of them you'll need a facial oil to hand and I'll guide you through it all when we meet online. It will also work in the same way in any other sessions and in rediscovery: soul too, as you will have full access to the meditation library and some of your post-session assignments will include listening to some of them. 

If there's reiki included in our digital sessions how will it work? 

This is my absolute favourite part of any digital session and it will be for you too. We are all energy and everything is connected, so reiki will give your body a kickstart to heal itself and allow energy to flow easier, even in a distance healing session. As a Reiki Master I'm attuned to using the distance symbol which allows me to send this energy across time and space. Reiki always goes to where it's needed, so all you have to do is relax, trust and be open to receive. No worries if you fall asleep while we're on video either, my clients often set an alarm. 

What about tarot or oracle cards? Will it still feel the same for me? 

If tarot is a modality that we use as part of your session, I'll do the reading live in our video session. This gives you the chance to deeply connect to the cards and see their wisdom and guidance revealed in real time. It also helps me to connect to your energy in a more meaningful way too. After the session, you'll receive an image of the cards and a written explanation of your reading within your post-session notes.


I'm going to be visiting London for some of our journey, could I have some of my sessions in person too?
Of course, I'd love to meet you and do an in-person session if you're in town. Let's chat it up in a call

Are you ever in other cities? Can we have sessions outside of London? 
Yes I am! Let's get on a call to take dates, calendar swaps and travel plans. 

three month healing immersions

 What's the process for booking in?

Firstly, I'm so excited that you're taking this next step and can't wait to start this journey together. You'll book in for a 20 minute complimentary call first, then if we both decide to work together, you'll book in and choose the date for your first rediscovery: soul or rediscovery: skin session. You'll then receive a pre-immersion questionnaire to fill out.

 What happens in the complimentary call? 

We'll jump on the call for 20 minutes and this is your time to ask me any questions you might have and we can talk through if you need the rediscovery: soul or rediscovery: skin path and the differences between both. I'll tell you more about the structure of the immersion and how we'll tailor it to your areas of focus. 

Ultimately, this call allows us to see if this is the most aligned offering for where you're currently at right now. 

What's the session plan? 
Each healing immersion is tailored for your needs and areas of focus through either the rediscovery: soul or rediscovery: skin paths. Then we will follow the draft session plan of my core teachings, head here to read more about them. 


We always start with the initial meeting, whether this is held in-person or digitally, I'll do an energy scan, re-set and soul reading with reiki, tarot and meditation, where I'll hold space for you as you share your story and we'll map out the areas of focus for the rest of the immersion. After this session you'll be sent your roadmap which is your game-plan for the rest of the sessions, so you always know where we're at and what's coming next. We'll then be following one of the core teachings themes in each session.

What are the payment options?
You can pay in full for £985 and save £100 or you can make three monthly payments of £361.67 for a total of £1,085.

I accept all major credit and debit cards via Stripe and also accept PayPal through my booking system. 

How does the monthly payment plan work? 
You will be sent a payment link before each month of our journey together to make a payment of £361.67. 

 How will I receive my healing assignments? What are they like?
After each session you'll receive an email with your healing assignments to do before our next session, which will be based on the work we did together in our session. They'll range from rituals to journaling work, reading to EFT videos and everything in between. At the end of our journey then be combined into a self-care prescription PDF for you to use in every moment of your life. 

How do we keep in touch between sessions? 
I'm always available on email for ongoing support and to discuss your needs, keep you accountable and to be your cheerleader! No worries if you're not great at emailing, some of my clients like to update me in DM's. 

Where are the sessions held? 

It's up to you! We can meet in-person at my private residence in Bow, London (E3), digitally or a combination of both. I've had clients who've done all 6 sessions in person, all 6 digitally, or 3 in person and 3 online. It's your choice and all options are equally as potent.

healing modalities

 What even is reiki? 
Reiki can be translated as spiritual energy or universal life force energy. When we experience blockages in the flow of this energy, it can manifest in our bodies and have an impact on our overall health and well-being. Reiki helps to balance this and raise these vibrations, giving the body a kickstart to heal itself. It allows the energy to flow easier through our chakras (energy centres) for optimal health. 

I use reiki in different ways in the three month healing immersions, the first time we meet we'll do an energy scan and re-set so I can see where any imbalances are on an energetic level. Then throughout our time together I use reiki in an intuitive way to work on opening up certain chakras. 

 I don't actually know what meditation is and don't feel like it's for me? 

Meditation is a practice of presence and stillness where we acknowledge and accept thoughts and feelings as they enter the mind and body, then shift the focus to the breath, a mantra or an object. Meditation is a process of looking inwards and holding space for the spectrum of emotions that we can encounter. If you're working with me one-to-one I'll be guiding you through various meditations and working with you to cultivate your own stillness practice. 

Meditation is for everyone, there's no right or wrong, it's just a case of working out which style and technique is best suited to you and trust me you'll find one that you'll love doing and reap the benefits of. 

I'm a bit scared of tarot, can you read my future? 
Tarot is a beautiful tool that allows the soul to grow and heal. To open up a deeper communication with your intuition and to uncover the aspects of self that are waiting to be expanded. This isn't about fortune-telling but using the wisdom and medicine of these cards to tune in to the parts of yourself that you're ready to rediscover and reflect upon.


The cards will tap into your essence and higher self but there's no black and white answers, or "this will happen on this date", that's not the way I work. I use tarot as a therapeutic modality that will give us the chance to get you into a deeper level of self-inquiry and get the clarity you need. 

What skin specific modalities and rituals can I expect from the rediscovery: skin immersion?

There'll be an underlying Intuitive Beauty focus through your rediscovery: skin three month healing immersion. I'll give your skin the chance to speak, to share its story and shift limiting beliefs. We will investigate your skin triggers and find out what your skin needs to heal internally through a series of exercises. I'll then be sharing bespoke skin rituals for you to do throughout the three months all in keeping with the core teachings. 

A signature modality we will use that's key to the rediscovery: skin process is a series of skin focused meditations including a facial massage meditation. This is the act of meditating with a focus on the skin during a self-massage and you'll need to bring your favourite facial oil with you to the session or have one to hand at-home if we're doing a digital session. To tap into the mind-skin connection I will guide you through a skin focused meditation that promotes presence, gratitude, love, kindness, forgiveness and acceptance. To truly rediscover your skin you need a physical connection with it, so you'll be guided through a facial massage for greater harmony.

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