give your skin the chance to speak and be heard

through the power of intimate skin healing circles

a co-creation by Project Ajna and HOLISTICA

For many of us, the mirror has become a microscope...

...a place of contention, comparison and criticism filled with negative self-talk and the skewed belief that our physical appearance is intimately related to our self-worth.

It's not hard to see why we have such a troubling relationship with our reflection. As women, we've been culturally conditioned to see each other as competition, hard-wired to swap our insecurities for product solutions and are reminded daily that mainstream media favours the flawless.

We've taken the intersection of where our passions collide, and co-created "mirrorscope", an intimate series of monthly skin healing circles which provide a ritualistic approach to beauty and skin health. 

Who are we? 

 Becky Symes 

Beauty Brand Founder and Skin Coach

Becky Symes is the Founder of HOLISTICA - a crystal-charged botanical beauty brand on a mission to transform the way that women relate to their skin (and the world) through product, ritual and 1-1 Skin Coaching. Born out of a dysfunctional relationship with her own skin, Becky’s multi-faceted approach to skin health takes you from the cellular to the spiritual; drawing on her studies in nutrition, natural formulation and holistic facial therapy.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore

Skin Mindset Guide and Modern Mystic 

Giselle La Pompe-Moore is the founder of Project Ajna - where she gives clients the tools, time and space they need to rediscover the relationship they have with both their skin and soul, through her healing sessions which utilise the modalities of reiki, meditation, tarot and ritual. 

Upcoming Events

Skin Healing Circle

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Private Residence - East London

Have you ever struggled with a skin condition? Do you have a challenging relationship with the way you look? Or, have you experienced low self-esteem around your appearance? Are you ready to reframe the conversations you have in the mirror? 


If so, join us for an evening of beauty and full moon ritual as we give your skin the chance to speak and be heard.


We will explore face-mapping, crystal-infused beauty, skin-focused meditation and ceremonial skin cleansing. You will learn how to see your skin as a window to physical and emotional wellness and let go of comparison and self-criticism through energy work and journal prompts. 


mirrorscope skin healing circles are intimate gatherings held in groups of six

Previous Events

Space by Mama Medicine
28th November, 2018

We will share space together as we journey through a ceremonial skin cleanse, self-facial meditation, energy healing, crystal-infused beauty, face mapping techniques and skin storytelling. All designed to holistically elevate your radiance from the inside out. 


You will take home a skin-love toolkit including crystal-charged products, daily rituals, an audio skin meditation for your own practice and other treats.

Maha Rose 

1st December, 2018

During this transformative evening, you’ll explore the mind-skin connection; seeking to forgive yourself for the words whispered in the mirror and release the thoughts that have become a soundtrack to your darkest moments.


You will let go of limiting beliefs by cutting ties to negative self-talk, comparison and criticism. You’ll also discover ways to shift these towards a place of self-love and acceptance through ritual, crystal healing, storytelling, energy work and a skin-focused meditation. You’ll leave with a renewed perspective and toolkit of prompts, rituals and techniques.

The Assemblage
3rd December, 2018

Your skin is speaking, are you listening to what it's communicating? Do you want to learn how to see your skin as a window to physical and emotional wellness? Are you drawn to using meditation as a stress-relieving tool to calm the mind and soothe skin?   

This evening will explore the mind-skin connection by journeying through face-mapping, reflexology, skin-focused meditations, elevating action with intention in your skincare routine and the use of the mirror as a tool for self-expression.

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Giselle La Pompe-Moore

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