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a fully customisable collection of rituals and ceremonies, where I hold space for womxn as they awaken.

the sisterhood collection

When one of us rises we all do. In these group offerings you and the womxn of your choice will join me to deeply connect, share and empower each other. Consider it a soul-nourishing alternative to a girl's night in, with judgement free, reflective and wisdom sharing gatherings designed to heal and support each other. 

find your inner mystic circle

My signature offering of modernising ancient wisdom, but in a group ​circle. Together we'll journey through an energy healing meditation to boost your intuition, explore cyclical living and the power of working with the moon and wheel of the year, as frameworks for reclaiming your feminine power. We'll then share our wisdom, stories and experiences, set intentions and end with a collective tarot card reading. 

group ritual

You can choose from a selection of themes for us to work through. Think about what you and your ladies are working through right now. I can hold space for a mystical  bridal party, witchy birthday celebration or we can share in a powerful womxn's circle filled with ritual, sharing stories and connecting on a soul level. This is your space and opportunity to connect with your sisters and create your own ritual. 

group meditation

In need of a de-stress, chill out and to find some balance? In this session, I'll guide you and your group through a restorative meditation session and we'll end with an open share and takeaways for you to up your stillness at home. You can also book this offering as a set of 5, if you and your babes would like a 5 week introductory course on how to meditate, get out of your head and get still.

Hit the button below to fill out a questionnaire to register your interest and select how you'd like to customise and build your ritual.

the goddess collection 

This collection of rituals are designed for me to serve and celebrate you as you transition through ​the various stages, phases and cycles of your life. The Maiden, Mother and Crone Triple Goddess archetypes are all energies and you can embody them at any age. So, when you choose your ritual below, tune in to where you're at in your life right now and customise it to your needs. In these ceremonies, we can work together one-to-one or you can get your girlfriends together instead. 

maiden ritual

A celebration of creativity, confidence, inner beauty and self-growth.

I hold space for you in relationship honouring, rediscovering your inner mystic, manifesting rituals, skin and body acceptance ceremonies and waxing moon rituals. 

mother ritual

A celebration of power, full expression, deep nurturing and birthing. 

I hold space for you in pre-birth chill outs, mother blessings, mama and baby rituals, new business and project intention setting, and full moon rituals.

crone ritual

A celebration of transformation, intuition, letting go and the wise woman.

I hold space for you in guided soul journeys to discover your life purpose, menopause ceremonies, forgiveness and letting go rituals, cord-cutting and waning moon rituals.

Hit the button below to fill out a questionnaire to register your interest and select how you'd like to customise and build your ritual.

the sacred space collection

The spaces where you spend your sacred time are essential in supporting your self-care, spiritual and wellness practices. In this collection of offerings, I'll be working on creating and optimising these spaces for you, to unplug, relax and get still. These are all custom offerings and we'll meet up to turn your space from the everyday into the sacred.

spiritual house cleanse

An energy makeover for your home, where I'll set up an altar space to meet the house. Then I'll do a smoke cleanse ritual to clear out any negative, stagnant or unwanted energy, before charging each room with the healing and protective energy of reiki. You'll also be given advice on how to select crystals according to your home's needs.

creating sacred spaces

The ultimate offering for building your own sacred space for self-care if you're not sure where to start. We'll begin with a workshop where I'll teach you how to build an altar, rituals and sacred space and guide you on how to raise and protect your energy. We'll then do an intention setting ritual together and you'll leave with a cheatsheet and checklist. 

mystical personal shopping

Consider me your witchy personal shopper if you're ready to get started on your journey but you're not sure what tools you need and where to find them. You have two options for this session. Option 1: We'll have a video chat to assess your needs and I'll go shopping on your behalf and send you all the crystals, herbs, tools and books you need. Option 2: We'll meet up IRL for a tea before heading around town for a mystical shopping trip. 

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