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In 2008, I began my studies in fashion journalism at London College of Fashion which started me out on an incredible journey working in the fashion and beauty industry. From London to New York City, I made my way through all aspects of the industry, including work at Tatler Magazine, Liberty London, Stylist Magazine and Byrdie UK. But it was my deep fascination with all things spiritual, mystical and wellness-related that proved to be my saving grace as I battled with the stresses of the industry and my crippling anxiety attacks. 

Working in this industry brought up a lot of emotions around my self-image and the relationship I had with myself. As the nature of the industry is ever-changing and cyclical, I found myself in my own cycle of comparison, wanting my appearance to fit in with the current ideal. At the same time, I saw how stress can manifest in mind, body and soul.

my journey


There was a time when I was scared to leave my apartment and eat at restaurants in case I got sick. I spent night after night shaking and in tears, wondering what was wrong with me. When I found out that I had anxiety, a therapist gave me some breathing meditations to do. Much to my surprise, they managed to stop my anxiety attacks, so eight years ago I began my daily meditation practice. I couldn't believe how closely linked the mind and body were and how a simple tool like meditation could have such a huge impact on my life. 


This was the beginning of me coming back to myself. It was always there, my desire to help people started when I decided to join the St John's Ambulance Badgers at 7 years old. I had my first crystal at 11 and started manifesting at 16. So it makes sense that during the difficult moments of my life I spent most of my time researching, practicing and studying various healing and holistic modalities. Working with mysticism, ritual, moon cycles, tarot, my subconscious mind and essential oils shifted everything for me. I was then attuned to the healing power of reiki, which guided me back to using my intuition, listening to my soul and connecting with others.



project ajna

I call it somewhat of a spiritual awakening (as dramatic as that sounds) but I felt the change in my body and soul as the voice to fully step onto this path kept getting louder. During this time, I realised that my career always felt like I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, that the next job would end up being the dream job. Which it never was.


I could either play small or do something about it, so I left my job, with no savings or back up plan and decided to train as a meditation teacher and share all of the other healing tools that had worked for me over the years with others.


As with everything in my life, I asked for guidance and how I can be of service and that's exactly what I received. I wanted to help people overcome their inner critic and shift their mindset around their appearance based on the tools that I had at my disposable and one night during meditation, I channelled my entire process and core teachings.


All of the modalities and everything I teach and prescribe to my clients, are exactly what got me back to my centre, it's an ongoing journey for all of us, myself included, but once you commit to your own healing, you'll be so surprised by the beautiful shifts that occur when you rediscover yourself and I'm here to guide you through that. 


Reiki Academy London 

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master
Reiki Practitioner Member


British School of Meditation
 Meditation Teaching DipBSoM


Teachings from Lindsay Mack
self-directed study

reiki lineage

In line with reiki regulations, my Usui Reiki lineage traces my line of

teaching back to Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki.

I am proud to have been taught in both the Western and Eastern system,

which places an emphasis on preserving these original teachings. 

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